CINDRA is an idea created by two brothers - Einārs and Ivars.

Several years ago, Einārs started growing quinces in Latgale - the region in the East-South of Latvia, while Ivars decided to engage in beekeeping and honey farming as a hobby while living in Germany. In his garden, on the hill of Bad Rappenau, he started with the first 11 hives, which every year bring more and more fruits and benefits not only for himself but also for many other people who want to enjoy a real, high-quality and healing product - honey.

Ivars learned how to make honey wine, which is called "Medovuh" or "Mead" in different languages, from a neighbour living in Germany - a German whose family was in exile in Kyrgyzstan. Conversations, ideas and the desire to try and be creative led to various directions and experiments in the preparation of honey drinks.

Everything happened. A lot of bottles had to be thrown out, however, the brothers did not give up on looking for solutions to achieve their quality and taste bouquet that could say: "Oh, yes, this is it!". Something was missing in the honey drink, such as an element of acidity, when Ivars thought - how about we create honey in combination with quinces, finding the right balance of acidity and sweetness, creating a special and unique product - honey and quince mead.

As the next step in the development of the idea came the entry into the Daugavpils Business Incubator, where within the framework of the LIAA support programs, cooperation with the researchers of the Latvian University of Agriculture (now the Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies) was started, in the development and development of stable and various drink recipes.


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